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Unlike most anime, there are no robots, magical sticks, or blood and gore in his created world. Instead the show presents itself in a fantastic surreal setting complete with a floating castle, a destroyed but very futuristic school of architectural excellence and a rose garden stretched out as far as the eye can see. The color red is used predominantly throughout the series to represent the ambitious nature of the duelists as they face their challenges.
The duelists and other school kids are all overly attractive and between light kissing scenes and sexual innuendo a deep plot unfolds before the viewers' eyes.Ikuhara brings uniqueness to his works by influencing the elements of the play.The magic of the story is brought to life with artistic music, experimental direction and most importantly the beauty of the ritual... not only within a word but also within every detail.
"Adolescence Mokushiroku" may be classified as Sci-fi or an adult version of "Sailor Moon", but in reality it has gone beyond such attempts to label it. New viewers will find themselves attracted by its beautiful visuals, and be drawn into its mysterious and powerful world. "Adolescence Mokushiroku" creates a highly persuasive virtual reality for viewers who are looking for a revolution within themselves.


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